Mental Health Policy

Mental Health Policy: What Should it Include?

A Mental Health Policy should include both physical & mental health. It should: 🌟 Begin with a clear statement which commits the organisation to developing a working environment that promotes employee health & wellbeing. 🌟 Be championed by senior management 🌟 Be kept under constant review 🌟 Outline the responsibilities of key stakeholders 🌟 Set […]

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Return to the Workplace: Furlough & Covid-19

: At what point is it reasonable to insist staff return to the workplace? To coin an overused phrase: we are in unprecedented times. We have virtually zero case law to draw on. To date, I have been advising on what seems reasonable in the circumstances. Finally though, we are starting to see some legal […]

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Post Brexit

Post Brexit: Changes to Right to Work Checks

Post Brexit: Changes to Right to Work Checks   Employing anyone who does not have the legal right to work in the UK is illegal. With fines up to £20,000 per illegal worker, you cannot afford to be complacent. Whilst you are not expected to be a border patrol agent, a private investigator, or an […]

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Covid-19 Vaccine

No Jab, No Job

Businesses have prioritised employee health and safety during the pandemic, but the Covid-19 Vaccine has split opinion, with some people rejecting it for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions, religious beliefs, or even fear and confusion whilst others believe that all employees should be vaccinated. Whether or not businesses can – or should – […]

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Return to Work Plan

COVID-19 Return to Work Plan

We just never saw this coming… These are the words I heard over and over from clients when helping them react to the immediate situation we all found ourselves in back in March. 7 weeks later and in anticipation of the eventual lifting of restrictions, NI employers should be utilising this time to plan how […]

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Recruitment Mistakes

Top 3 Recruitment Mistakes

I have seen a lot of recruitment mistakes over the years. Here’s my top 3: 1. Not knowing exactly the candidate you are looking for Qualifications and experience are important but are they are necessary to be able to do the job? Candidates with the right attitude and a willingness to learn are worth their […]

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Calculate Holiday Pay

How to Calculate Holiday Pay

Calculate Holiday Pay I have noticed recently that I am receiving a lot of queries about holiday pay and how to calculate holiday pay; demonstrating that there is a lack of understanding of legislation with respect to holiday pay calculations. Hopefully, I can give some clarity on the matter. Under the Working Time Regulations, the […]

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