A Mental Health Policy should include both physical & mental health. It should:

🌟 Begin with a clear statement which commits the organisation to developing a working environment that promotes employee health & wellbeing.
🌟 Be championed by senior management
🌟 Be kept under constant review
🌟 Outline the responsibilities of key stakeholders
🌟 Set out the available advice, support & training
🌟 Have a process for evaluating the effectiveness of wellbeing initiatives

People should be seen as individuals with different needs that need personalised help in an organisation’s approach to well-being. 

Renee QuinnPIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland Charity, is hugely supportive of companies introducing a well-being Policy
“As an organisation dedicated to supporting individuals facing mental health challenges, we are too aware of the effect the experiences of the last year has had. It is likely to affect 1 in 4 of your workers at some stage and we are seeing an increase in demand for service users concerned about returning to work.
I am delighted to see Opal People Solutions using their platform to raise awareness & think their provision of a Policy for companies to adopt is a great initiative.”

To receive a free Mental Health Policy template, email [email protected]

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