HR Strategy

As your business grows and evolves, so does the need to develop a HR Strategy aligned to your business growth. We will explore a number of strategy options e.g. recruitment & retention, engagement & culture, reward & recognition, talent management & succession planning, employee well-being and Corporate Social Responsibility to create a HR strategy which will work for your business.

Change Management

Opal People Solutions will work collaboratively with you to recognise how you want your business to move forward. We will guide you and your team through challenges and periods of change, providing structured advice and implementing a strategy which will lead through every aspect of your change management process.

Rightsizing and Redundancy

Facing the need to reduce the size of the team is one of the most difficult decisions an employer will have to take. Rightsizing explores every alternative to redundancy and seeks flexibility from the employee to maximise the potential for the employer to maintain employment and retain skills. But, If redundancy is the only option, we will draft your business case, provide you with all relevant documentation, assist in defining redundancy selection criteria and supporting you through the consultation process.

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Employee Engagement - Associates

Where we identify the need to improve employee engagement or change organisational culture, we work with our partners, Sean Grant and JP Taggart from Core Impact, to deliver this aspect as part of your overall HR strategy.

Check out our latest blog post on what should be included in your organisations Mental Health Policy...

A Mental Health Policy should include both physical & mental health. It should:

🌟 Begin with a clear statement which commits the organisation to developing a working environment that promotes employee health & wellbeing.
🌟 Be championed by senior management
🌟 Be kept under constant review
🌟 Outline the responsibilities of key stakeholders
🌟 Set out the available advice, support & training
🌟 Have a process for evaluating the effectiveness of wellbeing initiatives

Mental Health Policy
Employee Relations

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