Our Expertise

Contracts of Employment

A fundamental part of the employment relationship, we will create fully compliant terms and conditions of employment, drafted specifically to your business requirements, ensuring that terms are always in line with current legislation.

Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks serve as an effective reference point for employment and job-related information, clarifying employee rights and responsibilities within their employment, as well as providing the employee with the Company mission, vision and values. Handbooks are tailored to Company specifications, updating current policies or creating new policies as necessary.

Policies & Procedures

As a business evolves, so too does the need for applicable policies and procedures. We can update your existing policies and procedures, in line with changing business or legislative needs, as well as generating those policies or procedures which are unique to your operations.

Employee Engagement

You recognise that positive engagement will develop happier, healthier and more productive employees, which will in turn make progress in achieving organisational goals. Collaboratively we can build a strategy and provide you with the tools to deliver employee engagement in the most effective way for your employees.

Employment Law Advice

We will ensure that your business is legislatively compliant with clear, concise and confidential guidance on complex employment law queries. Our aim is to provide impartial advice which will protect both your business and your employees.

Disciplinary Advice

Disciplinary situations within the workplace can be stressful for both an employer and an employee. Opal People Solutions will ensure that best practice procedures are in place, supporting you through procedures in order to resolve issues effectively.

Grievance Advice

We will provide a range of advice to guarantee that your responsibility as an employer is fulfilled when handling grievance procedures. Support can range from advice on investigating complaints, managing grievance hearings, and guidance on the decision-making process.

Change Management

Opal People Solutions will work collaboratively with you to recognise how you want your business to move forward. We will guide you and your team through challenges and periods of change, providing structured advice and implementing a strategy which will lead through every aspect of your change management process.

Leadership Development

You understand that investing in leadership within your business is key to success. Opal People Solutions can support your investment by tailoring leadership and management development training to your specific needs.

Sickness Absence Management

Absence Management is concerned with reducing absenteeism and encouraging attendance at work as well as managing long-term absence cases. We will work with you to create a fair and consistent Absence Management process for implementation, as well as understanding and advising on individual absence cases, however complex.

HR Strategy

We will work with you to create the type of culture which ensures your employees are fully aligned with the values of your organisation and are committed to the achievement of your goals.

Performance Management

We can provide you with practical tools for managing performance of all levels; from those employees who are being encouraged to improve their work performance to those that that are on the path to leadership development, producing polices and procedures to support all scenarios.